Gapuzan had its humble beginnings in 1993 with one truck which was then solely a household operation. Then, it was called, Gapuzan Trucking and General Trading, a single proprietorship, catering mostly to personal effects/household moving-out activities. Gradually, it accepted individual clients for the movement of products and goods. But it did not take long when it ventured with institutional clients serving their basic trucking needs. Through word of mouth, the company attracted more clients, thus it started to gain confidence to focus on institutional clients requiring regular trucker for their needs. In the year 2000, the company was registered with Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA), and in the same year it was sub-contracted by multinational firms for its trucking requirements within ecozones. From there it started to enter and traverse the roads of import, export and local deliveries. And learning quickly what capabilities our customers desired from their transportation carrier, the companysteadily acquired trucks to cater to their increasing trucking requirements and of other companies inside and outside the PEZA jurisdiction. In July of 2005, the sole proprietorship was incorporated and became what is now known as Gapuzan Trucking, Inc. Today, Gapuzan Trucking, with its competent professional drivers, believe in a common goal of striving to do the best for our clients and creating a safe environment for fellow occupants of the highways. We work very hard each day to become the best in our field and obtain necessary tools to accomplish the goals of our customers. To meet the different needs of every client, the company acquired vehicles with lifters, rollers and 6/10 wheeler butterfly/wing vans; installed GPS units intended for high valued cargoes and E-pass for expressway toll gate easy access. Likewise, all trucks are equipped with 24/7 communications such as Contel trunk radio or cellular phones for quick and efficient movement of cargoes.


Moving forward, our company is constantly refining and upgrading itself to meet our customers' needs. Thus, at present, we are implementing automation from booking to accounting system. We're re-inventing the definition of what a service provider should be with our continuing practice of personal service and industry knowledge. Our future is tied to our clients; bound to whatever needs the specific company requires of its delivery carrier. This small steps is geared towards our aim to achieve ISO standards and to gain more confidence from our clients.


Gapuzan Trucking is committed to quality service and customer satisfaction. Relatively we might be a small-sized trucking company but, we seek to excel and be the leading trucker in the industry. Our Mission is to provide superior customer satisfaction beyond the average level of expectation. We do not aim to be the among the biggest but we aim to be the best.